Upcoming Events 26/02/2016

Hi all

Great weather this week and it getting better for cycling, some up coming events over the weekend, the Saddleuprepilepsy is on http://www.saddleupforepilepsy.com/ this week see attached links.

It starts from Breffey House at 10.00 am, there is sign up for on the morning of the event if you have not signed up online. There are two course lengths 68km and 128km so routes for all abilities.

Great local event and support from WLCC would be appreciated


Race Season

The domestic Race Season has kicked off with the traders cup last week held in Dundalk, WLCC had members in the ladies race and the Men A4 race. This was great to see and even though Jerry had a bit of a spill he is up and flying again.



The Cycleways Cup take place this Sunday the 29th on the roads around Meath and WLCC will have a good few members attending, Sean (Superman) O Malley, Janis Blinovs, John Gill & Catal Usher to name a few. Anyone interested in supporting them would be good.

The Cycleways Cup 2016 will take place on Sunday February 28th.
The venue is the same as in recent years
– sign on from 11 at Simonstown GAA (link) on the R162 Kingscourt Road
– start at Blackcastle on the N51
– finish at Wilkinstown on the R162.

The format will be similar to recent years, except that there will be an extra standalone race for A2s. So 5 races in total
– A1 (3 laps)
– A2 (3 laps)
– A3/Junior (2 laps)
– A4 (2 laps)
– Ladies (2 laps)


A KOH prime will be awarded on Lap 1 to the first rider over the climb in each of the races (A1, A2, A3/Jnr, A4, Ladies).

Primes (€20) are sponsored by Navan Taekwon-Do School (navantkd.ie)

The Cycleways Cup route is here.

Details subject to change


All WLCC Members its a good time to get back on the bikes