Road spin activity 2019

The plan for 2019 is to encourage the participation of new and existing cyclists in group leisure cycling activities. Communication of activities will be conducted through WLCC Club Website, WLCC Facebook page and Discipline/Location WhatsApp Group.

Based on our participating Member feedback to date in 2019, it is initially proposed to structure three Groups ranging in objective and average speed. These groups will designated by the WLCC club colours as follows;

Black Group

Average speed 24-27 kph. Group leader’s will maintain group speed cognisant of safety and ability of participating riders. Riders will remain as a group from start to finish. Group spins to date in 2019 are in this category

Red Group

Average speed 27-30 kph. Group leader’s will maintain group speed cognisant of safety and ability of participating riders. Depending on the group objective on any particular session, where reasonably possible, riders will remain as a group.

Yellow Group

  1. Club Racers. Training for this cohort requires diverse routines. Activities of this group will be coordinated by WLCC racing rep.

Weekly Activities: Activities will be scheduled by Group Leaders in 2019, weather and daylight dependent. Communication through Western Lakes Website.

Sunday spins will continue to be scheduled by Group Leaders where weather permits.

Tuesday and Thursday spins (Red & Black Groups) will commence in May 2019 depending on daylight hours and as scheduled by respective Group Leaders.

New cyclists will be encouraged to participate on the Tuesday spins where they will receive coaching on group cycling, technical support and encouragement.

Where only one group is feasible on any activity, the Group Leader, in consultation with participants, will decide on the speed and route. Anyone not wishing to join or separate from the group while en route should alert the Group Leader accordingly.

Insurance: Participants should be Cycling Ireland Members in order to ensure adequate Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance in the event of an accident. See Cycling Ireland website for Membership

“The ethos is one of inclusiveness where all participants should enjoy group participation”.

Please note: It is a challenge for Group Leaders to coordinate the diverse and competing interests of all participants. Please be supportive and contribute positively with suggestions.

This is your club, your ideas count so please let’s hear them!!!

Club Priority - Safe and Enjoyable Cycling!!