What to expect at Westportif 2016

The Westportif routes are some of the most spectacular in the country, with mountains, lakes, valleys and scenery that will take your breath away.

We have 3 distances to choose from 80km, 120km & 160km

Westportif safety map

Here is a brief look at each distance and what it will take to get around the course.

Remember to eat and drink well the 24hrs before the event and don't over do the alcohol consumption.

The 80k Warrior route (Known locally as the Ring of the Reek) is pretty flat with only a few drags and one small hill to get over. The food stop comes just after the half way mark at 45k so its nice to know the 2nd half is that bit shorter.

80k route

This route is easily doable for a beginner, the key is pacing, while at the start you will be fresh and eager this is the time to hold back and not to get carried away by following the faster sportifers.

Key is to drink before your thirsty and eat before your hungry!

Take a drink every 10-15mins, eat a HIGH 5 bar or piece of fruit in the first hour this will keep the energy levels topped up.

At the Food stop, there will be a variety of snacks, sandwiches, fruit and teas &Coffee, our recommendation is have a sandwich and cup of hot drink, avoid the temptation to over eat because if you do you will feel slow and sluggish when you get back on the bike and make the return journey home very long...

Remember to keep warm at the food stop, you will be quite warm after cycling 45k and once you stop your body temperature drops quite fast, make sure to put on a gilet (sleeveless jacket) or rain cape.

Once you get back on the bike after the food stop give yourself a few kms to get going, our recommendation is to wait to Ashleigh falls then pull in and take off your cape or gilet and while you're at it make sure to take a picture of the lovely falls.

The last 28k home is pretty flat and hopefully you will have a tailwind home.

The last 2k home is neutralized so heed the warning signs and marshals.         When you finish enjoy the Westportif village and relax and enjoy the banter outside the Clewbay hotel.

How long will it take me ?

If you are a regular cyclist that is out 2-3 times a week we reckon under  3 hours

If you only cycle occasionally but also partake in other sports we reckon 3.5 hours

If you are new to cycling your aim should be to complete it in 4 to 4.5hours

The 120k route

If you have signed up for the 120k distance, even though its only 40k longer this route is a great cycling test.

120k route

Even though there is six climbs on this route the real climbing doesn’t starts until 57k in when you turn left at Leenane village. For the next 20k the roads are either up or down and remember to keep your wits about you as there are dangerous descents and always sheep on the roads! Once over Maam Trasna you will see Lough Mask and the roads flatten out for a while and you'll get a small break.

At the Village of Tourmakeady (95k) you will get your last chance to refuel (Take this opportunity as the next 25k are hard). Once you turn left you are climbing for 5kms with sections as steep as 18% so pace yourself, the view at the top of Lally's mountain makes the hard work worthwhile and if you have the time stop and look back at the majestic Lough Mask. The descent of Lally's is fast, bumpy, windy and narrow so feather the brakes.

The last 13k home is up and down and very energy sapping so save a HIGH 5 gel for this.

Once back in Westport heed the neutralized section and make your way back to the leisure park on James st.

What’s it going to take to finish it and How long will it take me?

Firstly put a food and hydration strategy together, what we mean here is drink and eat regularly and remember pace yourself, go off too hard and we guarantee you will pay the price, we don't want to see you looking out from inside the broomwagon as you approach the finish !!!

If you are a strong cyclist who raced we reckon about 4hrs

If you are not as fit as you would like we reckon 5hrs

If you think it is going to take you longer than 6hrs we recommend that you stick with the 80k for this year.

The Legend 160k route.

160k route

This is a real challenge, not only are you breaking into the century (100miles) you are also cresting 7 categorized climbs.

This stage is as hard as anything that a Pro peloton will tackle, are you up for this? Better be sure as its very unforgiving.

Not only do you cover the same roads as the 80 and 120k courses but you also cycle along the famous Killary Fjord and cycle down the Innagh Valley before crossing the Maam turks.

The biggest difference on this route apart from the increased distance is the wind. Yes you read that correctly, the wind! The wind along the exposed cost road to the top of the Innagh valley is legendary, it can blow you sideways in an instance...

By the time you get to Maam at 105k you will be fit for bed never mind 55 more kilometers.

Take your time in Maam, gather your thoughts then go for it.

With an action packed 55k left to complete this is what all hardy cyclist thrive for, the pain and burning in the legs, the ecstasy of getting over the climbs with your mates and the joy of descending down hill with the wind blowing through your hair.

The last 25k will be a do or die effort, those who pushed too hard in the early Kilometers will now wish they held back, the last 10k back to Westport will decide if this is a character building day or one for folklore. The decision is yours.!!

How will you get through the 160k.

First by using the group smartly and be exact in your planning and food strategy while taking into account the weather conditions. But most importantly remember to PACE yourself,160k is a long day on the saddle for the best of cyclists.

How long will it take?

If you are a serious sportive rider or ex racer we reckon 5,5hrs is excellent.

If you are strong fit and prepared under 6hrs is very good.

If you think you have what it take to finish it, then we will give you 8hrs but no longer. We have time limits in place, if you are not in Leenane by 12noon then no Killary Fjord or Innagh valley, you be re directed to take the 120k route.
If you are not in Tourmakeady by 3pm then no Lally's mountain, you will be redirected to take the flat route home . Same goes for the 120k participants.

Westportif safety guidlines 2016

Westportif 2016 Event Details

 Westportif start times

  • The 160km cycle starts at 9.00 am
  • 120k cycle starts at 9.30am
  • The 80km cycle starts at 10 am

Both cycles start from Westport Leisure Centre, James Street in Westport town.

Westportif Finish times (Estimated)

  • 160km between 2-4.30pm
  • 120km between 1-3.pm
  • 80km between 1-2.30pm

 Westportif sign on times and locations

There are three options for participants to sign on for the event.

  • Friday 15th July at Monaghan’s Skoda Showroom, Castlebar from 3.30pm-7pm
  • Friday 15th July at Westport Leisure Park, Westport from

8.30pm – 10pm

  • Saturday 16th July at Westport Leisure Park, Westport from

6.30am – 8am for 120/160k

  • Saturday 16th July at Westport Leisure Park, Westport from

7.30am – 9.30am for 80k

.Westportif Sponsors

A big thanks for all our Sponsors.

  • Monaghan & Sons Skoda Castlebar
  • High 5 Sports Nutrition
  • Destination Westport
  • Smarter Travel
  • The Clew Bay Hotel
  • Westport Leisure Park
  • Delphi Adventure Resort
  • The Mayo News

Westportif Organisers
Westportif is a voluntary run dual venture between Westport Covey Wheelers and Western Lakes Cycling Club . Both clubs use Westportif to fund and develop the sport at grass roots.

Westportif Charity

The Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation' is Westportif 's 2016 chosen charity