Big Turn out at Newcomers league


Race report

Cycling in the South Mayo area has boomed into life with the introduction of Western Lakes cycling league, the aim of the league is to entice newcomers to the sport to have a go at racing very much like the fit for life project for running.

The Western Lakes club have organised weekly Sunday morning spins for newcomers over the Spring and winter months and are now continuing this on Thursday evenings at 7pm at the Cornmarket Ballinrobe.

The league was set up as the next step, to give these newcomers a chance to try out racing in a relative safe environment with experienced cyclist helping with mentoring.

On a wet and windy night 36 turned up for round one at the cycling centre Kilmaine road Ballinrobe split into 4 groups based on previous experience at training sessions.

With ten minutes separating front to back groups, everyone was nervous especially with most been first time racers.

After a wet 31k Andrea Heneghan fresh from a week training in Majorca won by 40 seconds from Alan Stevens 2nd  with Kieran Heneghan winning a hard fought sprint for third.

At Round 2 the handicap and groups will be adjusted to suit abilities, see group/ average speed column re-adjusted after Rd1. Full results below.

The club would like to thank all the Marshalls, drivers and stewards for keeping the race safe and for Inch’s bar for the refreshments.

Round 2 takes place on Wednesday the 16th of May, sign on at the cycling centre from 6.45pm race start 7.30pm

 The top 10 Areas where newcomers can make improvements.

  • Pedal faster (easy gear at 85-100rpm) use the right gear at the appropriate time( easy gear up hill, medium gear on the flat, big gear down hill)
  • Keep knees in when cycling (more power to pedals)
  • Use the group for shelter by staying close to rider in front (40% power saving)
  • Use the group by combing together to go faster and catching groups in front or staying away from groups behind
  • Bike skills (riding a straight line), corning, descending, cycling out of the saddle.
  • Been aware of opponents (Evaluate strengths, weakness and use tactics)
  • Evaluate route, windy conditions, see where you can safe energy.
  • Proper bike setup, (no rocking on the saddle, correct saddle height put your effort into the pedals)
  • Wear proper cycling shoes and pedals
  • Try and get as aerodynamic as possible (get low on bars, wear tight fitting clothing, keep back flat.
Western Lakes CC Newcomers League 2012
Entry fee €25           
U16 €              
Group/ Ave speed Name  Cat Race Number RD1 April 18th  RD2 May 16th Total Points Fee Paid
3/ 30kph Andrea Henaghan CR   50   50 25
3/30kph Alan Stevens CR   47   47 5
5/ 38kph Ciaran Heneghan A3 94 45   45 5
5/38kph Noel Gibbons CR   43   43 5
3/30kph Colm Jennings L   42   42 5
4/35kph John Walsh CR 49 41   41 5
4/35kph Declan Henaghan CR 50 40   40 5
4/35kph David McDermott CR 43 39   39 5
4/35kph Martin Joyce CR   38   38 5
4/35kph Shane Gilligan CR   37   37 5
3/30kph Gerry Sheirdan CR 20 10   10 25
2/27kph Tim Kelly L   10   10 5
4/35kph Mike Kelly L   10   10 20
3/30kph John Hughes CR   10   10 5
1/25kph Imelda Hughes L   10   10 5
1/25kph Adrian Dervin CR   10   10 5
1/25kph Marie Fraser L 70 10   10 5
2/27kph Sean O’Connell L   10   10 5
2/27kph Garvin O’Donnell CR   10   10 5
2/27kph Martin Lyons CR   10   10 5
4/35kph Cathal Usher CR   10   10 5
3/30kph Thomas Geraghty CR   10   10 5
3/30kph Earnan Naughton L   10   10 5
1/25kph Paul Kelly L   10   10 5
2/27kph Mick Murphy L   10   10 5
2/27kph John Murphy L   10   10 5
3/30kph Martin Jennings L   10   10 5
3/30kph Adrian Flannery CR   10   10 5
2/27kph Eamon Keane L   10   10 5
3/30kph John Cummins L   10   10 5
5/40kph Padraig Marrey A1   10   10 25
3/30kph Rory Canavan L 59 10   10 25
3/30kph Brian Golden CR 67 10   10 5
3/30kph Gabriel Coen CR   10   10 5
4/35kph Mary Mulchone CR 2 10   10 25
2/27kph John Culhane L   10   10 5
4/35kph Paul Duddy CR   10   10 5

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