Western/ Covey League after Rd 2

Fast times on Time Trial

Barry Holian breaks course record on the Ballinrobe to Kilmaine and back 15k route with a time of 20.36.

Round 3 has been postponed till April 26th, sign on at the Skate park, West Rd, Westport from 6.30pm.

 Western/ Covey league 2012   
Name SignatureNumClubHill ClimbPts Rd1TT TimePts Rd 2Total Pts
Padraig Marrey  81Wlcc13.1710020.4895195
Barry Holian 198WLCC13.419020.36100190
Michael Brady 144CW13.219522.4288183
Gerard Corcoran 287CW14.408621.5392178
Kevin Ryan  940wlcc14.098822.4289177
Sean O Malley  10WLCC14.218722.3690177
Francis Sheridan  96CW14.528423.4785169
Kieran Heneghan 94WLCC15.158323.5983166
Sean Flynn 296CW14.088925.0876165
Keith O'Connell 457CW15.587822.5487165
James Mc Greavy 12CW15.397924.1182161
John Conroy  15WLCC16.087524.2580155
Declan Heneghan 50WLCC16.047725.1572149
Cathal Usher  8WLCC16.187124.5577148
Mary Mulchrone 2wlcc16.436924.5378147
Shane Gilligan 26WLCC17.006824.4679147
Damien Gannon 9CW16.067625.2470146
Richard Meaney 18CW16.227025.0875145
Tom Moran 24CW17.286625.1373139
Patjoe O'Connell 39CW17.526225.2471133
James Fitzsimons 41CW17.286726.0265132
Martin Joyce 14WLCC17.34642666130
Ann Marie Egan 7CW17.436325.5767130
David Mc Dermott 43WLCC18.116025.2669129
Colin Kelly  3CW17.536126.1864125
Gerry Sheridan 20WLCC19.165826.4961119
John Hughes 6Wlcc19.015927.4458117
Noreen O Toole 5CW19.195727.1560117
Patrick Monaghan 40CW19.515628.1556112
Andrea Heneghan 11WLCC23.145528.454109
Adrian Dervin 17WLCC29.055328.1555108
Donal Harrington 634WLCC13.2892dns092
Noel Mulroy  CWDNS023.208686
Brendan Conway 42CW14.4485dns085
Paraic Conway 47CW15.2382dns082
Rory Smyth 38CW15.3481dns081
Padraic Hughes  WlccDNS024.118181
Colm Mulroy 27CW 15.3980dns080
Eamon Marrey  1wlcc16.0974dns074
Breege Morrin 4Wlcc24.1854dns2074
Joe Browne  CWDNS025.107474
Michael Flynn 46CW16.1073dns073
Martin Nee 16CW16.1672dns072
Anto Carney  WlccDNS025.536868
Vincent Kelly 13CW17.3365dns065
Tommy Loughran  CWDNS026.376363
Aaron Doherty  29CW 1029.075262
Paul Duddy  WlccDNS026.406262
Alan Flaherty  WlccDNS027.405959
Adrian Flannery  WlccDNS028.115757
Marie Fraser  WlccDNS028.425353
Ken Mc Carthy  WlccDNS035.585151
Mark Quigley  HELPINGWLCCDNS20dns020
Gert Hack  HELPINGWLCCDNS20dns020