Mayo League Overall after round 2

Times of the hill climb and TT plus the overall after 2 rounds, next round is a H/cap road race on Wednesday the 4th of April, sign on at the Skate park, West Rd, Westport from 6.15pm first group away at 7pm sharp. Photos available on Mayo league facebook page.

Results table Overall

Name SignatureCatNumberClubHillTTPoints
Padraig Marrey A181WL12.0421.14192
Barry Holan A2198WL12.5020.44190
Anthony Murray A4139CW12.1922.21179
Micheal Gilvarry A3493WL12.5622.36172
Ger Corcoran A3287CW14.0121.34171
Kevin Ryan A3492WL12.5622.49.07170
Kevin Roache A3159Unatt13.5322.18169
Sean O Malley CR10WL13.5123.25163
Keith O Connell A4457CW14.0623.03160
Padraig Hughes CR87WL14.0324.19155
john Carter CR58CW16.2422.58149
Carol Benson U16171Cbar14.4825.24148
Damian Gannon U16178CW15.1525.42141
Kieran Gallagher CR45Swinf16.4125.00139
Robert Manion U1677Cbar16.0926.11136
John Walsh CR49WL17.2225.26135
Chris Troy A288Cbardns20.5095
Donal Harrington A3 WL12.23dns92
Peter Touhy A3534Cbardns21.1790
TJ Coen A3533Cbardns21.4987
Cale Coen  U1644Cbar18.53dns87
Ray Kirrane CR72Cbardns21.5186
Sean Flynn U16298CW13.38dns86
Michael Flanagan A2199WLdns22.49.7681
Sean Hastings A4 CW14.29dns80
David Hannon A4615Annagh14.39dns79
David Brodey U1675Cbardns23.3877
Coiln Browne A4453CW14.52dns77
Cormac Caddan A3565CWdns23.4076
Darren O Neill A3 Cbar15.07dns76
Padraic Frane CR71Swinfdns23.4175
Francis Sherdian J124CWdns23.5874
John Murphy  A41036WL15.54dns74
Shane Giligan  CR26WL15.59dns73
Richie Meaney CR18CWdns25.0271
Tom Walsh J129Swinf16.14dns71
Eoin Mulkerrin U16169Cbar16.15dns70
Paul Duddy CR48WLdns25.2868
David Mc Dermott CR43WLdns25.3967
Derval Devaney CR73CWdns25.4765
Ann Marie Egan cr7CWdns26.3863
Jerry Towey A474Ballaghdns26.4762
Patrick Morley J29Cbardns27.0561
Brian Golden CR67WLdns27.0560
Elaine Rowley CR85Cbardns28.0159
David Coughlan A2153Orwelldns21.400
Eamon Marrey A3490WLdnsdnf0

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