Western/Covey club cycling League dates, rules and points system

The Western/ Covey Club League will consist of 2 Hill Climbs and 2 Time Trials along with 5 handicap Road Races and a final Team Time Trial event.
The league will start with a 5K hill climb TT in March at Lally’s Mtn Tourmakeady.

League dates

Tues Mar 20th             5k Hill climb Tourmakeady       Sign on from 5pm

Tues Mar 27th        16k TT Ballinrobe                     Sign on from 6pm

Thurs Apr 12th       45k Road Race Westport          Sign on from 6pm

Thurs May 10th      45k Road Race Ballinrobe         Sign on from 7pm

Fri June 8th            50k Road race Cross                Sign on from 6.30pm

Fri June 22nd         50k Road race Westport            Sign on from 6.30pm

Thurs July 5th        45k Road race Tullycross         Sign on from 7pm

Wed July 25th        50k Road race Tourmakeady     Sign on from 6.30pm

Thurs Aug 23rd      45k Road race Westport            Sign on from 7pm

Tues Sept 6th         16k TT Ballinrobe                     Sign on from 7pm

Tues Sept 20th       5k Hill climb                              Sign on from 6pm

Points Scoring System for HC and TT only
Points will be given out to the top 84 riders with the winner receiving 100, second 95, third 92, and fourth 90 fifth 89 and so on till the 84th rider receives10 pts:

100pts    1ST
95 pts     2nd
92pts      3rd
90pts      4th
89pts      5th
88pts      6th
And so on until the 84th rider receives 10pts.
Anyone outside of the above receives 5pts.
The Time Trials will use the same points systems.
In the final Hill climb and TT the same points format will apply with the most improved gaining the 100pts and as above till 84 riders get points.

Road races
A handicap system will be in place at all the road races, the aim of the H/cap is for cyclists to work together so their group hold of the scratch groups for as long as possible.
Handicaps will be at the discretion of the handicapper who will apply a seeding to all the riders participating where possible.

Points Scoring for Road Races
In the road races the top 10 will receive points, with everyone else outside of that receiving 10pts for participation.

Anyone who helps with Marshalling, driving or officiating will get 20pts

Scoring System 
10 pts     To everyone who participates in each individual Road Race
50 pts    1st
47 pts    2nd
45 pts    3rd
43 pts    4th
42 pts    5th
41 pts    6th
40 pts    7th
39 pts    8th
38 pts    9th
37 pts    10th
The league points overall will only be open to cyclists who are members of  Western Lakes CC and Covey Wheelers only.
Cyclists from outside these clubs may race at the discretion of the Club league Committee, will not be counted in the results.

Fair play is considered a must at all events.

Categories, Fee’s & Licensing:  
1 Cyclists must have one of the following categories of License: Ladies, U16, Juniors, Club Competition, A4, A3, A2 & A1. 

2 Leisure License holders cannot participate.

3 Cyclists must have their License at each race.

4 All racers must wear a race number

5 Cost is €50 to race in the league which must be paid at round 1, The John Holian Memorial, Tom Burke GP and Tourmakeady festival races are OPEN H/cap races (See marked in Red below) these have to be paid separately on the race night but points scored will be counted towards the league overall
Rules of the Competition 
1    Helmets are compulsory.

2    Sign on for individual races will close 15 minutes before the start. Riders   who fail to sign on will be refused race entry.

3    Every rider must wear a number pinned to the back of their jersey at      every race, this number must not be covered by a rain jacket or clothing.
4    Rules of Cycling Ireland apply.

5    Riders must wear their own club or team racing jersey or a plain jersey. Pro team jerseys are not permitted under Cycling Ireland rules
6    No tri bars allowed in the Road Races.
7    No drafting in the Time Trials.
   Handicap committee decision is final, no debating on the start line.
   Obey the Marshalls.
10    €50 Entry fee for the 9 races paid before competition starts
    Or €10 Entry fee per race with exception on open races stated above.

11    All race expenses must be paid for on the night.
12   2/3 of the entries after expenses go towards Prize Fund

13   The league will be held on open roads and all competitors must obey the rules of the road. Riders found to be breaking these rules or riding in a dangerous manner will be subject to penalty, which may include disqualification from an individual race or from the entire series.  Decisions made on this matter will be made by the organisers and are final. Riders must obey marshalls instructions

14   Earphones, Ipods, MP3 players etc. Are strictly forbidden in all events. Riders found to be using these are subject to automatic disqualification.

Team Competition
The points awarded to riders finishing in the top ten in each race will be used for the calculation of the Team points competition. The team/club with the highest winning points total at the end of the league wins the  League Club ‘Team Prize’.

 Team Time Trial Competition
The best placed 10 riders overall at the end of the league get to ride for their respective clubs in the Team Time Trial. The fastest team on the night over 50k are then crowned League ‘Team Time Trial Champions’. Clubs can entry their next best 10 riders if they like as a second team.

 Club Championship

This event is only open to Western Lakes CC paid up members; the aim of the race is to see who is best in the handicap event over 45k. Tuesday the 4th of September will the date the winner will be know as club champion for 2013 and a perpetual cup will presented at the club awards.