Ballinrobe 3 day start list

A new date, new routes and new riders and Teams. The 2016 Ballinrobe 3 day looks to be a very open race with no stand out favorite.

Former professional and Olympian David O Loughlin is making a welcome return to open racing, he will thrive on home roads and will surely be looking to grab a win over the weekend. Anthony Murray, Jason Prendergast and Mark Quigley will ably support.

The Itap team have started the season with a flourish and have a host of strong results clocked up already for all of their squad. Winning a stage race outright most surely be their goal now.

Waterford racing have a strong line up with Keith Gater and Robin Kelly as leaders both will love the routes as they encourage hard racing. they travel with 7 riders

Mengo Raw cycles  have Simon Ryan and Sean Yelveton,  both are very capable of doing damage on the open roads and have strong support from their squad.

Strata 3/ Velo Revolution look to have the strongest all round team with a number of riders that can win stages or any of the various jerseys so defiantly  a team to watch.

Of the Connacht riders, Simon Kelly Burren, David Brennan Castlebar CC, Richard Meaney Westport Covey and Sean O Malley Western Lakes are all strong riders, they will need to have a bit of luck to infiltrate the right break  and have the staying power to show when it counts.

NameUCIRider CategoryClub NameLicence Type
David ColemanIRL19790311SENIORBallina Cycling ClubA3
Sean O'TuathailIRL19770219SENIORBray WheelersA2
Simon KellyIRL19790613SENIORBurren Cycling ClubA2
Mark ShannonIRL19860424SENIORBurren Cycling ClubA1
David BrennanIRL19821203M30Castlebar Cycling ClubA1
Liam CorcoranIRL19950328SENIORCastlebar Cycling ClubA1
David HanahoeIRL19820328SENIORCastlebar Cycling ClubA3
David O MalleyIRL19830223SENIORCastlebar Cycling ClubA3
Chris TroyIRL19700517M40Castlebar Cycling ClubA1
Peter TuohyIRL19830216SENIORCastlebar Cycling ClubA1
David WalsheIRL19840524SENIORCastlebar Cycling ClubA2
Anthony MurrayIRL19880102SENIORCunga CCA1
David O'LoughlinIRL19780429SENIORCunga CCA1
Jason PrendergastIRL19950703SENIORCunga CCA1
Mark QuigleyIRL19821126SENIORCunga CCA2
Darragh McCarterIRL19850923SENIORDonegal Bay Cycling ClubA1
Paul McCarterIRL19770503SENIORDonegal Bay Cycling ClubA1
Timothy O'ReganIRL19871113SENIORDunboyne Cycling ClubA1
John HodgeIRL19760525M40Dungarvan CCA1
Damian TraversIRL19750512M40Dungarvan CCA1
Eoghan CliffordIRL19800826SENIORGalway Bay CCA1
Alan CunninghamIRL19860310SENIORGalway Bay CCA3
Valerio Di BaccoIRL19750426M40Galway Bay CCA1
Derek JoyceIRL19720605M40Galway Bay CCA1
Ciaran MurphyIRL19810914SENIORGalway Bay CCA2
Eoin O'ConnellIRL19870210SENIORKillarney Cycling ClubA1
Andrew  KeoghIRL19760705M40Lucan Cycling Road ClubA2
Ronan KilleenIRL19790719SENIORLucan Cycling Road ClubA1
Conn McDunphyIRL19970203SENIORLucan Cycling Road ClubA1
Cian SutcliffeIRL19970310SENIORLucan Cycling Road ClubA2
Bobby ColemanIRL19821016SENIORMego Raw Cycles Racing TeamA1
Shane KennyIRL19880806SENIORMego Raw Cycles Racing TeamA1
Aaron O'BrienIRL19941115SENIORMego Raw Cycles Racing TeamA2
Graham PrendergastIRL19730825M40Mego Raw Cycles Racing TeamA2
Simon RyanIRL19920418SENIORMego Raw Cycles Racing TeamA1
Sean YelvertonIRL19970125SENIORMego Raw Cycles Racing TeamA2
John BrosnanIRL19790523SENIORMODA - Kingdom Endurance SportsA1
Denis DunworthIRL19890509SENIORMODA - Kingdom Endurance SportsA1
Chris DunworthIRL19930920SENIORMODA - Kingdom Endurance SportsA3
Michael StoranIRL19790410SENIORMODA - Kingdom Endurance SportsA1
Mike BrowneIRL19781217SENIORNenagh Cycling ClubA2
Dan HoganIRL19730725M40Nenagh Cycling ClubA2
Kenneth KennedyIRL19760111SENIORNenagh Cycling ClubA2
Matthew KennedyIRL19850427SENIORNenagh Cycling ClubA3
Gary ScullyIRL19791111SENIORNenagh Cycling ClubA1
Shane ScullyIRL19781209SENIORNenagh Cycling ClubA1
Eoin WoolleyIRL19791215SENIORNenagh Cycling ClubA3
Paul KennedyIRL19800730SENIORNewcastle West Cycling ClubA1
Rory FarrellIRL19770120SENIORNewry Wheelers CCA2
andrew hicksIRL19841028SENIORNewry Wheelers CCA2
Drew McKinleyIRL19771231SENIORNewry Wheelers CCA2
Declan ReidIRL19950527SENIORNewry Wheelers CCA2
Jude SandsIRL19920315SENIORNewry Wheelers CCA2
Yvonne DoranIRL19800120SENIORScott - Orwell WheelersA3
Monica MarconiIRL19660115SENIORScott - Orwell WheelersA3
Brian McArdleIRL19840628SENIORScott - Orwell WheelersA1
Ronan O'FlynnIRL19800121SENIORScott - Orwell WheelersA1
David NugentIRL19711013M40Seven Springs CCA1
Cian DelaneyIRL19820826SENIORStamullen RCA1
Aidan CrowleyIRL19741029M40STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing TeamA1
Derek CunninghamIRL19740524M40STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing TeamA1
Anthony DoyleIRL19740114M40STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing TeamA1
Michael FitzgeraldIRL19780417SENIORSTRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing TeamA1
Sean Mc FaddenIRL19760428SENIORSTRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing TeamA2
Hugh McMahonIRL19730426M40STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing TeamA2
Stephen MurrayIRL19850702SENIORSTRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing TeamA1
Paul NortonIRL19830920SENIORSTRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing TeamA2
Matthew McCullaghIRL19810622SENIORSundrive Track TeamA1
Caimin MuldoonIRL19970822SENIORTeam AquablueA1
Shane O'NeillIRL19820620SENIORTeam AquablueA1
Aidan KellyIRL19800826SENIORTEAM BIKEWORX CelbridgeA2
Darragh BaileyIRL19960321SENIORTeam iTAPA1
David BrodyIRL19960122SENIORTeam iTAPA1
Daire FeeleyIRL19961204SENIORTeam iTAPA1
Fran  GibsonIRL19831020SENIORTeam iTAPA2
Stephen MurphyIRL19960811SENIORTeam iTAPA1
George DoyleIRL19741102M40Tralee Manor West iBikeA1
Barry HorganIRL19900321SENIORTralee Manor West iBikeA1
Jerry McCarthyIRL19691129M40Tralee Manor West iBikeA3
Cathal MoynihanIRL19810214SENIORTralee Manor West iBikeA1
Mark KellyIRL19730321M40Tuam Cycling ClubA2
Derek BowyerIRL19801227SENIORUn-Attached ConnachtA3
Constantin BartelsGER19890616SENIORWaterford Racing ClubA2
Cian DwyerIRL19951213SENIORWaterford Racing ClubA3
Keith GaterIRL19740504M40Waterford Racing ClubA1
Robin KellyIRL19780712SENIORWaterford Racing ClubA1
Dwayne KirwanIRL19900119SENIORWaterford Racing ClubA2
Daniel MerrimanIRL19841220SENIORWaterford Racing ClubA2
Shane O'DonoghueIRL19730901M40Waterford Racing ClubA2
Shane PowerIRL19860201SENIORWaterford Racing ClubA1
Janis BlinovsIRL19790827SENIORWestern Lakes CCA3
John GillIRL19860320SENIORWestern Lakes CCA3
Seán O'MalleyIRL19910221SENIORWestern Lakes CCA1
James McGreevyIRL19800606SENIORWestport Covey Wheelers Cycling ClubA1
Richard MeaneyIRL19810608SENIORWestport Covey Wheelers Cycling ClubA1
Jason O'CallaghanIRL19790105SENIORWestport Covey Wheelers Cycling ClubA3
Michael BradyM50Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling ClubA3
eamonn stauntonIRL19851119SENIORWestport Covey Wheelers Cycling ClubA3
Michael DevinsIRL19700421M40Yeats Country Cycling ClubA2
stephen finniganIRL19610127M50Yeats Country Cycling ClubA3
Joseph MulleadyIRL19790626SENIORYeats Country Cycling ClubA3
Enda O'HalloranIRL19950405SENIORYeats Country Cycling ClubA3

There may be a few manual entries missing, which will be added on the day.

For more info contact Race director David Mac Dermott 0872663393