Tuesday Evening Spins 18/04/2016

Hello All

We will be starting a Tuesday evening spin on Tomorrow Evening 18th of April The Meeting time is 6.45pm in Cornmarket This spin is aimed at those of you who have not been getting out regularly over the winter or anyone who is started cycling again this year.

The first 2 weeks can also be used by non-members as their Introductory Spins so if you know anyone who has got back into cycling and is not a member please encourage them to give it a go.

We will be working on building group riding confidence and skills while building up the distance so riders will be ready for as many of the the 3 Tours in 3 Weeks of the Croi, Cornamona,Great Western Lakes Challenge as the want to take on.

The ethos of the spin will be.

Start as a group , Finish as a Group nobody gets left behind.

If any of you members with plenty of experience are having an easy day on a Tuesday your presence on these spins would be greatly appreciated.

You can practice high cadence and maybe even some weight training ( giving someone a little push) in helping to keep the group together while passing on helpful tips to others.

Remember we all started somewhere and we learnt from those who were in the club before us.