Report from Rd 3 of club league by Joe Marrey

Joe Marrey report from round 3
After 2 good races in Hollymount and Partry I was starting to feel my legs. All year I had very little training done as I broke my frame. A few weeks back I asked my brother Padraig for the loan of a bike, he gave me the loan of his training bike which weighed a ton and it even had mudguards.
At least it got me out on the road again, I only did a few club spins, every time I went out Joyce was trying to drop me so I trained by myself till I got fit.
On the day Padraig put me back in group 4 not sure how far back we were but it seemed a long time.
From the gun I put the hammer down and drilled it out the road.
I looked back and was surprised to see half the group were dropped I eased up a bit and after a few Kms there only 5 of us.
We worked well together even though gibbons was wheel sucking like mad.
I roared at him a few times until he did his bit, sly Partry man.
We picked up some of group 3 at the end of lap one and we still continued to work well together. With about 10k to go we could see group 2 in front of us so I kept the lads going up and over but gibbons was still dossing. We caught group 2 at Fogger Sheridan Xroads but we were afraid of the O Malley group, he is flying so we had to make sure we stayed away.
With a 1 km to go we knew we were going to stay away.
Jerry Sheridan is a good sprinter and there was a rake of the Hollymount lads and I didn't know them so I thought best means of defence is attack, jumped at about 500m and hopped to keep clear, I never looked around in case they were on me, by the line I was surprised I wasn't caught.
Great to win against all the lads.
Thanks to everyone who helped with the race. RememberĀ Its not about the bike, let the legs do the work...

The club championships are next so looking forward to them.