WLCC League rd 1 report



Ollie's report

After doing everything right for the last few days i was looking forward to racing in my home village of Hollymount, the Hollie lads were all well up for this one and with Noel Connelly house right on the finish line they all wanted to impress.

I listened to the race briefing and heard our start time for  group three so I went out the road to warm up, then I heard over the load speaker my name and I panicked and rushed back but by that stage my group at gone without me, school boy error in my first ever race, I wasnt sure how long they had left but the lads on the start line said to bury myself and I might catch them, I took off and between getting sucked along by a few trucks and cars I could see my group ahead, not even one of them looked around to see where I was, so much for teammates!!!!, I eventually got onto the back of the bunch at the turn for Mayfield at Claremorris, turning left at Ballyglass we could see the next bunch. The pace was up with 10k to go, turning left for hollymount at Ballygarris I was feeling good, I knew I was in with a chance, I kept at the front with a few others, with a 100 metres to go it was my chance. Marrey on the left and Sheridan behind him, I kept the power on to overtake them for the line. Was delighted with the win on home soil. Thanks to everyone that helped out. Now to try and win the league outright or better still the Club champs...

By Ollie Kelly.

Top Ten Hollymount Rd1

1. Ollie Kelly              Hollymount
2. Gerry Sheridan      Kilmaine
3. Joe Marrey            Ballinrobe
4. James McKenna   Cong
5. Conor Gill              Hollymount
6. Noel Jennings.      Hollymount
7. Trish Harte           Kilmaine
8. Monica Nee         Renvyle
9. Eamon Keane     Ballinrobe
10. Mike Kelly         Partry