WLCC Ras update

Padraig Marrey is going strong in the Ras. He was off the front for a while yesterday and he finished just outside the top 10 in the county rider classification. He had a tough time of it today when he crashed in county Clare, struggled back through the cars to get back on, then punctured and managed to get back on again to finish in the main bunch. The rest of the team did not fair so well with Paul Brady crashing out. Our comiserations go out to Paul. Paddy Clarke, Dereck Joyce and Sean McInerney all finished strong in the main bunch. Padraig is doing great race reports on theroadtotheras facebook page and there are daily updates on stickybottle. Below is a picture of a handsome former Mayo Centra Ras team member to remind us what p will be going through for the rest of the week. Fair play and good luck to the ladsCounty