Westport Crit July 20th(Belgian style)

Experience real European racing - Criterium
The streets of Westport on Saturday evening at 8 pm will give you the experience of a criterium or crit, - a bike race held on a short course (usually less than 1 km) on closed-off town centre streets.
The route of this high speed race will start outside Carraig Donn on Bridge Street in the right-hand lane, going up and turning right on to Shop street staying in the right hand lane. Turning right again on to James Street, remaining in the right hand lane. Continue to the bottom of James street, taking the first right, before the bridge, turning on to the South Mall, staying the right hand lane, turning right back on to Bridge street for another loop. They will be parking restrictions in operation before and during this event and motorists are advised to use the town’s car-park as movement of cars on the circuit will be prohibited.

Crit route