Western Lakes Club Spins Guidelines

As a club, Western Lakes Cycling Club has grown dramatically in the last few years. The club is predominantly a leisure club with a strong emphasis on getting people together to enjoy cycling and which should hopefully lead to a healthier life style. To help achieve these goals the club organizes different events from club spins to large scale “sportives”.

In recent years the numbers interested in taking out an open license and racing has also taken off. Not only do we organize our own race league but our riders take part in races all over Ireland, very successfully I would like to add with numerous Irish titles won throughout the years.

We now divide our Sunday club spins into 3 groups, to hopefully include everyone from beginners to experienced Racers.




Average Speed:  can vary depending on group size.

Distance: Up to 50km

Ability: This group is for cyclists who are unaccustomed to riding in a group. This group is ideal for new cyclists with spins starting small and building up to 50km over time. And remember on these spins “NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND”


Average Speed: can vary depending on group size but no higher than 28kph average

Distance: 60 to 100km

Ability: This group is for the stronger rider who has a decent level of fitness and is experienced riding in a group. These groups are perfect for riders wanting to take on a challenge such as the “Wicklow 200” or the “An Post Series”. It is also an excellent stepping stone for riders who want to try a bit of racing. A coffee stop is not unheard off on these spins.


Average speed: 30+kph

Distance: 100+km

Ability: This group is for the experienced cyclist who wants to try and beat the peloton, be it at local level or take on the “pro’s” in the RAS. These cyclists should be comfortable riding at high speeds and getting “dropped”

What groups you decide to go on is your decision but please be mindful of what group you pick. If you are too strong or too slow for a group it can seriously disrupt the workings of that bunch.


All our Sunday spins meet in Cornmarket at 9.50am.


  • Bike in good working order, with mudguard if wet.
  • Riders must carry: tyre levers, spare tubes and pump
  • Food, water bottles and money( for the well-earned coffee)
  • Hard Helmet. No one joins the spins without it.
  • Club membership: You are required a become club member and a Cycling Ireland member. This covers riders from a 3rd party insurance point of view.

Whatever group you decide to join remember cycling is meant to be fun, so enjoy yourselves and meet new people. In a few weeks we will be commencing our midweek leisure and ladies spins. So use these spins to improve because you won't be winning races or cruising through sportives if you're only out on a Sunday Morning.