Cyclists Don’t be Dim

Cyclist in poor light

The Road Safety Office in Mayo County Council is appealing to cyclists to consider their road safety now the darker nights have arrived and also during the day in foggy conditions this appeal comes on‘National Be Safe Be Seen Day’ which will take place today Friday 21 December .

This appeal is extended to cycling clubs whose cyclists will be out training hard over the Christmas and New Year period. 

Noel Gibbons Road Safety Officer Mayo County Council  said: “We see a startling number of people cycling at night and in poor light conditions, in dark clothing, with no lights and poorly maintained bicycles.

“Although we give advice to the many youngsters we encounter, many are completely unaware of the risks they pose to themselves and others.

“It would be great if the word can be spread that a few simple steps are sometimes all that is needed to prevent an accident taking place.

“If family members are considering buying youngsters a bike for Christmas then make sure you add on the additional safety precautions such as a helmet and reflective clothing.”

Our advice to cyclists is:

  • ·        Make sure your bicycle is safe and roadworthy - make sure the brakes work,and that your tyres have sufficient grip and are correctly inflated.
  • ·        Always wear a cycle helmet; it could be the difference between life and death. Make sure it meets current safety standards and is fitted correctly.
  • ·        Wear reflective or light coloured clothing in daylight and reflective clothing at night, dark coloured clothing can make you incredibly difficult to see. 
  • ·        Use lights on your bike, not only to see, but to be seen - a white light on the front and a red light at the back, and a back light reflector. Test they are working before setting off. Most retailers have cycle lights for reasonable prices, and they come in quite modern designs.
  • ·        Obey traffic light signals use the appropriate signals shown in the rules of the road to indicate to other road users, and ride in a safe and considerate manner


Garda Sergeant Donie Duignan, Divisional Traffic Corps, Castlebarsaid “We want young people to be aware of the dangers when cycling in dark clothing and in poor or no lighting on their bikes, so please take the advise we are giving it could save your life’’

“Our message is simple – ‘be safe, be seen’ – whether you are a pedestrian, cyclist or motorist, everyone has a part to play.