Winter Training Times

October is usually a month to unwind after a hectic season and its also a time to reflect on the season gone by. Presuming you are well recovered now is a good time to get back in the saddle. To keep your self motivated set your self a GOAL or target for 2013.

Build a Foundation: Start back slowly, Intensity: work no higher than a perceived effort of 6 on a scale of 1-10 (should be able to hold a conversation with person beside you) if using keep heart rate, keep it under 80% of max,  ideally in the 70-75% range, build distance steady, start with a distance that you know you can complete and add a few mins extra each week, it wont be long before you are back to where you finished in September.

Same ability: It's important to train with people who are the same ability as you, if they are much stronger, you will be working to hard and if they are not as strong as you wont get the required work out.

Cadence: for leisure cyclist ideally keep in a range of 75-90rpm for racers 85-100rpm, remember if you are doing specific efforts this will change.

Winter months are the best time to build up and rehabilitate areas of the body that were neglected in the summer months.

Core, back and arm strength will help your cycling by aiding smooth pedaling technique and delivering power to the pedals. Circuit, kettlebells, palates, swimming, weights, running are all great alternative training so incorporate them into your weekly training plan.

WLCC Winter Training Times, Cycling for all abilities:

Saturday's meet at the Cornmarket at 9.50am

Sunday's meet at the Cornmarket at 9.50am

Circuits cycling centre Mondays 7pm and Ladies only 8pm

Kettle bells, Wednesday 8pm at dance hall New street.

Spinning classes Thursday's cycling centre start at 7 and again at 8pm

BMX at the cycling centre every Monday from 6.30pm

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