Western/ Covey league Rd 9 report

Mac Dermott out smarts the Covies.

Nine rounds into the league and the strain of the season has started to have its effect on the numbers racing but the racers that did turn up were still full enthusiasm. 32 riders took to the start line at Hollands filling station on the Leanane Rd, with a 43k route plotted out taking in Aughgower village twice.

4 groups were divided by abilities, its obvious the improvements that  some of the riders have made over the 7 months especially the Western Lake CC racers, with a bigger than average number of them in group 3.

Dave Mac Dermott Western Lakes group 2 was in a tight position when coming to the finish line, there group had beaten the handicap but he was in the sticky position with 5 Westport Covey wheelers riders still in his bunch and him the lone Western Lakes rider.

Jump early and he would probably be passed by the finish line or wait and see and take the chance the he had the better sprint, in the end option 2 was his choice and he coasted to a fine victory outside the Railway station in Westport.

At the back of the race Western Lakes cc riders blew group 3 and 4 apart scooping up all the remaining points on offer.

In the team classement Westport Covey wheelers increased their lead scoring 218 pts on the night to Western Lakes CC 204.

Round 10 is a 15k TT in Ballinrobe September 6th and the Final round is a Hill climb at O Toole’s Tourmakeady on September 20th.


1st Dave Mac Dermott WLCC

2nd Joe Browne CW

3rd Colin Kelly CW

4th Tom Mc Greal CW

5th Anthony Chappat CW

6th Sean Hastings CW

7th Padraig Marrey WL

8th Sean O Malley Wl

9th JJ Flaherty WL

10th Kevin Ryan WL

In the Team Competition overall
Westport Covey lead Western Lakes 2383 to 2324pts Wlcc members must ,make a big effort at the final 2 rounds to bring home the bacon..

Group/ Ave speedNameSignatureNumClubHill ClimbPts Rd1TT TimePts Rd 2Rd3Rd 4Rd5Rd6Rd7Rd8Rd9Total Pts
40K/4Sean O Malley10WLCC14.218722.369042404738504739480
40K/4Michael Brady144CW13.219522.428843415041358
40K/4Gerard Corcoran287CW14.408621.53924045434210358
40K/4Padraig Marrey81Wlcc13.1710020.4895105020m4340358
40K/4James Mc Greevy12CW15.397924.1182101050474310331
38K/3Kieran Heneghan94WLCC15.158323.5983411020m10105010317
38K/3Kevin Ryan940wlcc14.098822.42891010374237313
38K/3Martin Joyce14WLCC17.3464266610391010393810286
38K/3Keith O'Connell457CW15.587822.5487101038103910282
38K/3Shane Gilligan26WLCC17.006824.4679101037104020M10274
40K/4Barry Holian198WLCC13.419020.36100471010257
38K/3Patjoe O'Connell39CW17.526225.247138381020M10249
35K/2Colin Kelly3CW17.536126.1864101010101045220
38K/3Francis Sheridan96CW14.528423.478510101010209
35K/2James Fitzsimons41CW17.286726.02651010103710209
35K/2David Mc Dermott43WLCC18.116025.266910101050209
35K/2Damien Gannon9CW16.067625.24701010201010206
35K/2Sean Flynn296CW14.088925.087610101010205
35K/2Joe BrowneCWDNS025.1074101010103847199
35K/2Mary Mulchrone2wlcc16.436924.537820m20m187
40K/4Donal Harrington634WLCC13.2892dns0371045184
35K/2Declan Heneghan50WLCC16.047725.15721020m179
40K/4JJ FlahertyWlcc10471010104538170
32K/1Patrick Monaghan40CW19.515628.155610101010010162
35K/2Michael Flynn46CW16.1073dns0101010103710160
35K/2John Conroy15WLCC16.087524.2580155
38K/3Richard Meaney18CW16.227025.087510155
35K/2John CarterCWDNS023.5184101047151
32K/1Ann Marie Egan7CW17.436325.57671010150
35K/2Cathal Usher8WLCC16.187124.5577148
32K/1Noreen O Toole5CW19.195727.156010101020m147
35K/2Eamon Marrey1wlcc16.0974dns010104110145
40K/4Tom BourkeCW3942391010140
35K/2Tom Moran24CW17.286625.1373139
40K/4Michael FlanaganWLCC42104341136
38K/3Brendan Conway42CW14.4485dns01010101010135
32K/1Gerry Sheridan20WLCC19.165826.496110129
32K/1Andrea Heneghan11WLCC23.145528.4541010129
32K/1John Hughes6Wlcc19.015927.445810127
32K/1Adrian Dervin17WLCC29.055328.15551020m118
40K/4Michael GilvarryWLCC4345101010118
38K/3Noel MulroyCWDNS023.2086101010116
38K/3Rory Smyth38CW15.3481dns0101010111
32K/1Alan FlahertyWlccDNS027.40591010101010109
40K/4Paraic Conway47CW15.2382dns01010102
38K/3Padraic HughesWlccDNS024.11811010101
32K/1Breege Morrin4Wlcc24.1854dns2020m94
35K/2Sean HastingsCw454186
35K/2Paul DuddyWlccDNS026.4062101082
35K/2Anthong ChappatCW404282
35K/2Colm Mulroy27CW15.3980dns080
32K/1Anto CarneyWlccDNS025.53681078
32K/1Adrian FlanneryWlccDNS028.1157101077
35K/2Vincent Kelly13CW17.3365dns01075
32K/1Martin Nee16CW16.1672dns072
35K/2Graham CaseyWLCC1010421072
32K/1Tommy LoughranCWDNS026.376363
32K/1Aaron Doherty29CW1029.075262
38K/3Noel GibbonsWlcc10104161
38K/3Con DohertyCW501060
38K/3Robert StauntonCW10371057
32K/1Marie FraserWlccDNS028.42535353
32K/1Ken Mc CarthyWlccDNS035.585151
32K/1Gerard CoyneWlcc101010101050
35K/2Tom Mc GrealCW4343
38/3Anthony MurrayCW4040
38K/3Mark QuigleyHELPINGWLCCDNS20dns020m40
38/3Joe MarreyWLCC3939
32/1Theo InghamCw10101030
32K/1Michael NeedhamCw10101030
35K/2Padraic GannonCW101020
38K/3Gert HackHELPINGWLCCDNS20dns020
40K/4Oliver WhyteCw101020
32K/1Dermot WardeCw101020
32/`1Brian GoldenWLCC101020
32/1Sean o BoyleCw10101020
35K/2David HanahoeCW101020
35K/2David O MalleyCW101020
32/1Alan StephensWLCC1010
32K/1Aiden GillCw1010
32K/1Rebecca ConwayCw1010
32K/1Robert ConwayCw1010
32K/1David RodgersCw1010
38/3Michael MoranWLCC1010
38K/3Cormac CaddenCW1010
38K/3Danny MaloneyCW1010
38K/3Colin BrowneCW1010
38K/3Danny BuckleyCw1010
?? VaheyCW1010
32K/1Fergal O NeillWLCC1010
38K/3Mark KellyWLCC1010
32K/1Kathleen BarryWLCC1010
35K/2John WalshWLCC1010
32K/1John CumminsWLCC1010
38K/3Garry HigginsUN0
38K/3Stephen RonneyGW0