Round four of the WLCC League took place last Wednesday 18th July. In total, 31 cyclists signed on. Conditions were wet and windy but a fast pace ensued from the start. The scratch group caught the race leaders just before Hollymount. Padraig Marrey won the sprint at the end with fellow RAS rider Michael Flanagan coming in second.
The league has many aims, 1 to get everyone out cycling, 2 to develop the skills necessary to cycle in a group as well as race in a group, 3, learn about tactics competitors, wind, how to use the group, how to make the course best suit you, attacking, defending and finally how to finish of the race in the sprint, 4 the most important aim is to create a camaraderie amongst the members so that friends and training buddies can made.
Well done to everyone who participated.
The top ten was as follows:
1st Padraig Marrey
2nd Michael Flanagan
3rd Kieran Heneghan
4th Mark Kelly
5th Sean O'Malley
6th Shane Gilligan
7th Colm Jennings
8th Noel Gibbons
9th Martin Joyce
10th John Walsh
With just one round of the league left on Wednesday 15th August, Colm Jennings, in his debut season, secured first place overall with another consistent performance.
With only twelve points separating second from sixth, there will still be plenty to play for at the next race.
Thanks very much for all the people who volunteered their help.
League table is below.
Group/ Ave speedNameSignatureCatRace NumberRD1 April 18thRD2 May 16thRD3 June 20thRD4 July 18thTotal Points
3/ 30kphColm JenningsL42424140165
5/ 38kphSean O MalleyCR20104042112
3/30kphRory CanavanL5910393920108
4/35kphMartin JoyceCR38102038106
3/30kphBrian GoldenCR6710433810101
5/ 38kphCiaran HeneghanA394451045100
5/ 38kphShane GilliganCR3710104198
3/30kphDes MayL474592
5/ 38kphNoel GibbonsCR43103992
3/30kphAlan StevensCR474390
3/30kphAndrea HenaghanCR5020101090
4/35kphJohn WalshCR4941103788
3/30kphEamon KeaneL1010501080
5/ 38kphPadraig MarreyA120105080
4/35kphDavid McDermottCR433910102079
3/30kphMartin JenningsL1045101075
3/30kphJohn JenningsL50101070
4/35kphDeclan HenaghanCR504010101070
3/30kphJohn HughesCR1040101070
3/30kphAdrian FlanneryCR1038101068
3/30kphMike KellyL1010371067
3/30kphFergal O NeilL10471067
4/35kphCathal UsherCR104252
5/38kphMichael Flanagan4747
5/38kphMark Kelly4343
3/30kphJim TouhyCR4141
4/35kphPaul DuddyCR10102040
2/27kphPaul KellyL1010101040
4/35kphMary MulchoneCR2202040
2/27kphVincent CumminsL10102040
2/27kphMarie FraserL70102030
5/ 38kphPadraic HughesCR201030
3/30kphTim KellyL10101030
3/30kphJohn CumminsL10101030
3/30kphJohn CulhaneL10101030
1/25kphWendy ConnollyL201030
3/30kphGerry SheirdanCR20101020
2/27kphImelda HughesL2020
5/ 38kphKevin RyanA22020
2/27kphBilly McHaleL2020
2/27kphMick MurphyL101020
2/27kphSean DugganL101020
2/27kphAdrian DervinCR101020
2/27kphJohn MurphyL101020
4/35kphEamon MarreyA3101020
2/27kphBreege Morrin2020
3/30kphSean O'ConnellL1010
3/30kphGarvin O'DonnellCR1010
2/27kphMartin LyonsCR1010
2/27kphThomas GeraghtyCR1010
3/30kphEarnan NaughtonL1010
4/35kphGabriel CoenCR1010
2/27kphDaniel MannionL1010
4/35kphCillian GreyL1010
3/30kphJohn HoranCR1010
4/35kphGraham CaseyCR1010
1/25kphTherese MorleyL1010
5/38kphJames KeaneCR1010
1/25kphFiona Gilrane1010
1/25kphAnnmarie O'Sullivan1010
1/25kphPatricia Harte1010
3/30kphDavid Delaney1010