Western Lakes Newcomers League

The third round of the WLCC League takes place next Wednesday 20th June. Sign on is from 6.45pm at the Cycling Centre on the Kilmaine Road with the first group off at 7.30pm.
The route is 35km starting at Corrib Oil on the Neale Road, to Glencorrib, taking a left to Shrule, back through Kilmaine and finishing at the Cycling Centre.
Once again we need marshalls, lead cars and finishers. Please let me know if you can help out.
The League Table is attached. Colm Jennings is top of the league with 84 points followed by Andrea Heneghan on 70 points.
Please encourage your buddies to participate in the race. Refreshments in Inchs Bar afterwards.
Group/ Ave speedNameSignatureCatRace NumberRD1 April 18thRD2 May 16thTotal Points
3/ 30kphColm JenningsL424284
3/30kphAndrea HenaghanCR502070
3/30kphMartin JenningsL104555
5/ 38kphNoel GibbonsCR431053
3/30kphBrian GoldenCR67104353
4/35kphJohn WalshCR49411051
3/30kphJohn JenningsL5050
4/35kphDeclan HenaghanCR50401050
3/30kphJohn HughesCR104050
4/35kphDavid McDermottCR43391049
3/30kphRory CanavanL59103949
4/35kphMartin JoyceCR381048
3/30kphAdrian FlanneryCR103848
3/30kphAlan StevensCR4747
5/ 38kphShane GilliganCR371047
3/30kphDes MayL4747
5/ 38kphCiaran HeneghanA3944545
3/30kphJim TouhyCR4141
2/27kphMarie FraserL70102030
5/ 38kphPadraig MarreyA1201030
5/ 38kphSean O MalleyCR201030
5/ 38kphPadraic HughesCR201030
3/30kphGerry SheirdanCR20101020
3/30kphTim KellyL101020
3/30kphMike KellyL101020
2/27kphImelda HughesL2020
2/27kphPaul KellyL101020
3/30kphEamon KeaneL101020
3/30kphJohn CumminsL101020
4/35kphMary MulchoneCR22020
3/30kphJohn CulhaneL101020
4/35kphPaul DuddyCR101020
5/ 38kphKevin RyanA22020
2/27kphBilly McHaleL2020
2/27kphAdrian DervinCR1010
3/30kphSean O'ConnellL1010
3/30kphGarvin O'DonnellCR1010
2/27kphMartin LyonsCR1010
4/35kphCathal UsherCR1010
2/27kphThomas GeraghtyCR1010
3/30kphEarnan NaughtonL1010
2/27kphMick MurphyL1010
2/27kphJohn MurphyL1010
4/35kphGabriel CoenCR1010
2/27kphVincent CumminsL1010
4/35kphEamon MarreyA31010
2/27kphDaniel MannionL1010
2/27kphSean DugganL1010