Mayo league final overall

Westport’s cyclist snatches overall Mayo cycling league.

Keith O Connell Covey Westport CC staged a magnificent comeback by winning the Mayo cycling league at the final race in Ballinrobe. Keith was lying in 3rd position overall going into the final round, a solid performance throughout the league and a much improved TT where he bettered his first TT result thus leaped fogged him above Barry Holian and Ger Corcoran to snatch the Marrey Bikes yellow jersey as overall league winner.

This was Barry's second time missing out on the overall win, maybe next year he will be third time lucky.

The final round was a 15k time trial from Ballinrobe to Kilmaine and back.

On the night Padraig Marrey Western Lakes CC proved fastest winning by over 30 seconds, Dave Mac Dermott also Western Lakes was the most improved time trialist over the league when he improved his time by 1minute and 14 seconds.

How it was won.

This year’s ‘Mayo League’ format included 8 stages including 2 Hill Climbs, 2 Time Trials and 4 Road Races. In the spirit of good competition 6 stages were handicapped to allow for the different ability of cyclist to compete. In the first two stages however, points were scored based on the fastest times in the 5k Hill Climb on Lally’s Mountain in Tourmakeady and a 15k Individual Time Trial in Ballinrobe.

 In the road race stages there were 4 groups with the 1st group getting up to 15mins of a head start on the scratch group over 60km route. Both the final Hill Climb and Time Trial had points for the fastest result on the night and bonus points for most improved in the final two stages.

The leaders yellow jersey changed hands 5 times, making for good competitive racing.

115 cyclists from 7 Mayo clubs took part in the 8 round which were spread around the county.

This year the league introduced the Team Classification Western Lakes won with a score of 1922pts from Westport Covey Wheelers 2nd 1725pts and Castlebar 3rd 909pts

15k Time Trial results

1st Padraig Marrey Western Lakes 20.32

2nd Oliver Whyte Covey Westport 21.05

3rd Ger Corcoran Covey Westport 21.19

4th Barry Holian Western Lakes 21.26

5th Con Doherty Covey Westport 21.40

6th Michael Gilvarry Western Lakes 21.53

 Most Improved in TT

1ST David Mac Dermott Western Lakes 1.114

2nd Francis Sheridan Covey Westport 1.11

3rd Sean O Malley Western Lakes 1.07

 Mayo League Overall after 8 rounds

Yellow jersey sponsored By Marrey Bikes Ballinrobe

1st Keith O Connell Westport Covey 542pts

2nd Ger Corcoran Westport Covey 530pts

3rd Barry Holian Western Lakes 518pts

4th Padraig Marrey Western Lakes 475pts

5th Sean O Malley Western Lakes 469pts

6th Colin Browne Covey Westport 410pts


Group /Ave speedNameCatNumberClubMar HillJune HillHC BonusMar TTJune TTTT BonusRD3Rd4RD5Rd6Rd7Rd8Points
3/38kKeith O ConnellA4457CW14.0615.004523.0322.0542473940127128542
4/40kGer CorcoranA3287CW14.0115.044321.3421.191041474512492530
4/40kBarry HolianA2198WL12.5014.153920.4421.261010454712690518
4/40kPadraig MarreyA181WL12.0414.3621.1420.3239105084138475
3/38kSean O MalleyCR10WL13.5115.183823.2522.184510381079131469
3/38kColin BrowneA4453CW14.5216.0342dns23.475040104311575410
3/ 38kKevin RoacheA3159Unatt13.5315.4022.1822.19451010107885406
3/38kPadraic FraineCR71Swinfdns16.1623.4123.07371039374171115388
2/35kRobert ManionU1677Cbar16.0917.224126.1125.0743101010105108379
2/35kDamian GannonU16178CW15.1516.4625.4225.003910101070106348
3/38kFrancis SherdianJ124CWdns14.2023.5822.474710103986128347
2/35kCale CoenU1644Cbar13.5314.0047dns24.48371013769330
4/40kMicheal GilvarryA3493WL12.5622.3621.53401010128320
3/38kKevin RyanA3492WL12.5614.2822.49.0722.403810108583313
2/35kShane GilliganCR26WL15.5915.4950dns22.4810101012780310
2/35kSean FlynnU16298CW13.3814.5240dns24.1912371280
1/32kJohn WalshCR49WL17.2225.2624,344110101010102279
4/40kDonal HarringtonA3WL12.2313.5237dns1010132244
2/35kPaul DuddyCR48WLdns15.5225.2825.441010107665239
1/32kjohn CarterCR58CW16.2422.5823.051079238
2/35kKarl BensonU16171Cbar14.4825.24431010211
2/35kDavid Mc DermottCR43WLdns25.3924.25501010120207
3/38kPadraig HughesCR87WL14.0324.191038203
4/40kAnthony MurrayA4139CW12.1922.211010199
4/40kChris TroyA288Cbardns20.50104243190
Con DohertyCW11.4221.4010089189
3/38kTJ CoenA3533Cbardns21.4922.28101076183
2/35kJames FitzsimonsCR41CW17.0423.591010106773180
1/32kKieran GallagherCR45Swinf16.4125.00101010169
3/38kNoel MulroyA4CW17.1422.26106684160
4/40kMichael BradyA2CW13.53105092152
2/35kGary CollinsCRCung14.1010421088150
Tony FitzgeraldCW17.1624.106572137
3/38kDavid HannonA4615Annagh14.39dns101038137
2/35kDavid BrodyU1675Cbardns23.38101037134
4/40kPeter TouhyA3534Cbardns21.17101010120
4/40kMark KellyA3WL15.5222.46427582117
4/40kOliver WhyteA4455CW21.05101095115
3/38kRobert Staunton488CW23.0910101077107
2/35kDave Mc GrathCRCbar15.10101080100
3/38kSean HastingsA4CW14.29dns1010100
3/38kRay KirraneCR72Cbardns21.511096
2/35kMick FlynnA4454CW15.5510107494
3/38kJason PrendergastJ A3232Cung425092
4/40kMichael FlanaganA2199WLdns22.49.761091
2/35kTom WalshJ129Swinf16.14dns101091
Jim O RourkeWL14.078989
2/35kCormac CaddanA3565CWdns23.401086
3/38kDarren O NeillA3Cbar15.07dns1086
4/40kPadraic ConwayA3564CW1043101083
2/35kRichie MeaneyCR18CWdns25.021081
1/32kPat MonaghanCR54CW18.4110106080
1/32kDerval DevaneyCR73CWdns25.471075
Brendan ConwayCRWL23.547474
2/35kJohn MurphyA41036WL15.54dns74
2/35kPat Joe ConnellCRCW17.50106373
1/32kAnn Marie Egancr7CWdns26.381073
Noel BradyCW16.147272
2/35kEoin MulkerrinU16169Cbar16.15dns70
John ConroyWL16.476969
1/32kPadraic FurlongCRCW18.55105969
Martin NeeCW16.586868
2/35kJarlth TogherCR430Cung1037101067
John HughesCRWL25.376666
Tommy LoughranCRCW25.566464
Fergal O NeillCRWL27.226363
Anthony CarneyWL18.146262
1/32kJerry ToweyA474Ballaghdns26.4762
Sean O BoyleCW18.356161
3/38kPatrick MorleyJ29Cbardns27.0561
4/40kColm StauntonA321CW10411061
1/32kBrian GoldenCR67WLdns27.0560
3/38kJohn JenningsA43Cbar40101060
1/32kElaine RowleyCR85Cbardns28.0159
Graham CaseyWL20.225858
Siobhan O MalleyCW21.505757
4/40kDavid BrennanA1Cbar471057
4/40kCiaran ClarkeA2Cbar451055
3/38kTom BurkeA4723CW411051
2/35kPadraic GannonCRCW391049
3/38kGareth Mc CormackA3Cbar4040
2/35kEamon MarreyA3490WLdnsdnf101030
2/35kAlbert MorrowCBar10101030
2/35kStephen KingJnrCbar10101030
1/32kTheo InghamCRCW101020
2/35kGary MoranU16Cbar101020
2/35kDanny BuckleyA4CW101020
2/35kGraham O BrienU161111010
1/32kAlan StephensCR1010
2/35kKieran HeneghanJun94WL1010
1/32kSusan HastingsCR90CW1010
2/35kJoe BrowneCR51CW1010
1/32kRebecca ConwayA4725CW1010
2/35kThomas Mc GrealCR129CW1010
2/35kAnthony CarneyCR55WL1010
1/32kAran DohertyYCW1010
1/32kTommy CorcoranU16Cbar1010
1/32kBrin AllenU16Cbar1010
2/35kAdrian GarveyCRCung1010
2/35kJohn CartyCRCbar1010
1/32kMary BrennanA3Cbar1010
4/40kJJ FlahertyA2WL1010
2/35kRobert ConwayCRCW1010
2/35kCiaran KilcullenCR1010
1/32kMartin SheerinCRSford1010
2/35kBrendan FallonCRSford1010
3/38kRory ConroyA3Cbar1010
1/32kPat ThompsonCRSford1010
4/40kDara O ConnorU16Cunga1010
1/32kPaul FlynnCRCunga1010
2/35kNiall KilkennyJCbar1010
3/38KJames BradyA4CW1010
2/35KColin KellyCRCW1010
3/38KJames Mc GreevyCRCW1010
David CoughlanA2153Orwelldns21.400
4/40kMichael DevinsA3Sligo00
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